Last updated: October 5, 2021

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid, a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for a healthy skin and body. Because this vitamin easily passes through our systems, it needs to be replenished frequently so that it can continue to nourish the skin.

Supplementing a healthy diet with a vitamin C serum is the best way to ensure that your body is receiving sufficient levels of this nutrient. Further, because topical treatments are applied directly to the skin, the benefits are able to soak deep into the skin’s layers for maximum rejuvenation and nourishment potential.

Vitamin C collagen boosters (as you’ll soon find out) have been proven to be an optimal choice for many, as Vitamin C has key components in it to repair skin. It is directly related to the amount that can be produced because without sufficient levels nothing can be made.

Boosting the levels of ascorbic acid naturally boosts the production of collagen. As a primary provider, we offer a wide array of collagen vitamin C boosters, serums for face, and other anti aging creams and lotions.

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Why Do We Need Vitamin C to Produce Collagen?

The reason we need Vitamin C to produce collagen is because it is a vital component of the processes that produce AND store collagen.

It is the most abundant protein building block for all connective tissues, but cannot be built without a sustained intake of ascorbic acid.

Composed of two amino acids, glycine (a nonessential amino acid), and hydroxyproline (an amino acid derivative), it is reliant on ascorbic acid to allow these components to be produced in adequate amounts. But, when there are insufficient levels of ascorbic acid, the body cannot produce enough—as the production depends on ascorbic acid to interact with these amino acids and replicate.


Ascorbic acid collagen and its boosting go hand-in-hand, which is why we encourage our shoppers to read our collagen with vitamin C booster reviews before making any purchase. While this serum benefits are undeniable, we aim to help all of our readers find the best collagen booster for their skin type so that they can achieve maximum effect.

Boosting collagen synthesis is critical, as it makes up the majority of the cellular structures. In fact, it’s a strong white fiber that works together with yellow elastin, or an elastic protein to hold together all of the connective tissues of the body.

This means that…

All of the connective tissues of the skin, teeth, bones, organs, and cartilage can become brittle over time, especially as we age, without the help of vitamin C.

A sufficient production of collagen equals a healthy, youthful appearance and keeps the skin resilient by protecting it against wrinkles. Without the proper supply, the body becomes susceptible to not just wrinkles but is easily damaged and bruised skin, unable to defend against inflammation, breakouts, redness, etc. These are all forms of oxidative stress, caused by unstable atoms know as free radicals, which can be counteracted by ensuring the body is receiving enough ascorbic acid.

Many proteins occur in only small amounts, except collagen which is able to exist within our biological structure in plentiful quantities because no single organ or blood vessel—or even more crucially, our heart—could perform without it. The key to its success is the hydroxylase enzyme—a dependent factor of proper Vitamin C consumption—which acts as a catalyst, allowing key reactions to proceed for anti aging betterments.

All of these actions proceed in steps, and it is essential that Vitamin C is present in each phase for effective collagen production. Before it is completely formed, it exists as procollagen, a precursor that is only possible with plenty of ascorbic acids for it to fully synthesize.

Studies have shown synthesis has increased at least eight times the more direct exposure an individual has to ascorbic acid. Supplying your body with the booster serums on a daily basis will ensure collagen for skin benefits remain bountiful.

If vitamin sufficient, only then it is formed, using all of the procollagen, the prerequisite, to begin converting through a Vitamin C restrictive cellular reaction—into what is known as a polypeptide chain.

Our health is largely thankful for ascorbic acid and requires vast amounts to sustain a high quality of life. Many of the cellular bodies within, call for considerable quantities for positive reactions to occur, so Vitamin C serums directly to the skin will ensure all the biological entities are kept in check.

What are the Benefits of Having More Collagen?

  • Improves skin and hair health
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Helps regenerate if you have leaky gut
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Increases the strength of your hair, nail and teeth
  • Improves liver health
  • Improves cardiovascular health

What Happens if you’re Deficient?

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If you’re deficient in collagen, then your whole body, including your skin, will not have enough of one of the most prominent proteins and this can lead to signs of premature aging.

With correct use of serums, lotions, and other topical solutions, the overall ascorbic acid levels can be improved. Raising the production is beneficial to your health but also to the processes, as a multitude depend significantly on ascorbic acid in order to complete important cellular reactions.

One of the main biological processes dependent on your body’s C levels is hydroxylation, or a reaction that utilizes amino acids facilitated by enzymes called hydroxylases, which are strictly dependent on ascorbic acid to initiate.

If an individual is Vit C deficient, the reaction cannot occur, and the molecules needed to form collagen are destroyed. This result reflects in a person’s inability to heal quickly and may begin to develop a harsher skin. It is advised to apply a substantial amount of one of the best collagen and vitamin C serums directly to the skin to experience maximum benefits.

How Can Vitamin C Rejuvenate Your Collagen Production?

Vitamin C can rejuvenate your collagen production by providing the most fundamental ingredient required for your body to actually process it into brand new cell tissue.

If normal collagen in our tissues is injured, it is replaced by scar collagen and will not regain its full capacity, leaving it weaker than before. Scar collagen is typically 70-80% of the original, and only through synthesis, or repair, is it able to fully recover.

This synthesis promotes collagen boosting to remold the proteins when there is enough ascorbic acid to create a duplicate, but if the individual is deficient in C then synthesis will still proceed, just only to degrade it further.

Application of the serums will support Vitamin C collagen skin growth and restructuring. And, as a supportive and structural component of much of the body, it serves as an indispensable unit that cannot go overlooked, as all vessels function because of its consistent production.

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It has been shown that higher treatments of ascorbic acid to a person’s face and skin has significantly improved their appearance, with more notably smoother, less wrinkly, and a more vibrance.

Topical remedies such as collagen serum face creams decrease the overall roughness of the skin because the vitamins provoke a renewal of the protein fibers, which is due to a spike in collagen production. Collagen Vitamin C supplements have regenerative properties that reduce inflammatory responses on the skin’s surface, any redness, and promote healing of wounds. (1)

Apply Frequently

Whether there is enough ascorbic acid in your daily regimen, additional applications of Vitamin C serums, lotions, and oils throughout the day, can ensure your body sees the full benefits it has to offer. It will not only boost the levels of Vitamin C and collagen, but help with the prevention of acne, scarring, the effects of aging, reduce anxiety, but promote a healthier lifestyle.

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